The Lords Of Shadow

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The Almighty Lords of Shadow wiki! We are powerful. We are ancient. We are everywhere.

Our great Shadow God, husky99/raxso99, has fought many battles. He has took down many clans, including the old X-101st. He found the Shadow Magic, and he used it to it's true potential. Without it, we would be nothing. We would be weak.

Live by the Shadows. Breath through the Shadows. For the Shadow God!

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If you want to know more about Lords of Shadow, or want something else to be mentioned, PM either guts1200 or husky99 on Roblox and we will respond as soon as possible.


Who is important in Lords of Shadow?

What is the Shadow Awakening?

Why is Husky99 so powerful?

What ranks are there to be?

Can I join Lords of Shadow?

What skills are Lords of Shadow looking for?

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